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Out now is the EP "Hatey", a 4-song set of protest songs that includes a new version of "Elusive Green", "Woke AF", "Ordinary Life" and a radically re-worked version of Nick Lowe's "I Love the Sound of Broken Glass", which now has a video of its own.

We also have a video for Ordinary Life, and it's amazing:


Oh, and this happened:

We got 9 nominations, and we won 1. Welcome to ShowBiz.

Thank you all. We love you all.


Out August 1, 2023: Ordinary Life

This is my nearly 11 minute opus about a man trying just to protect his daughter. The guyzos really delivered on this one - it is epic in scope.

Out July 17, 2023: Woke AF minus F


This is the "clean" version of the song: the version full of swears will be on my new EP called "Hatey". In both versions I give the State of Florida a well-deserved kick in the balls. Feel free to sing along - trust me, you'll know when. Out at all the usual places July 17, 2023!





So I was nominated for and WON 5 awards from the Radio Music Awards, given out the last weekend in March:

Thank you everyone, and love to you all.


We have a new single out January 3, 2023! "Elusive Green", our first foray into club/dance music! 1 Song, 4 mixes available at all the usual places! The  video has a 5th mix and that's out NOW! Get ready to dance!


It turns out that catching COVID twice really puts a kink in your recording schedule. Still working on recovering my singing voice in full, but in the meantime I thought I'd tell you all the story of the movie soundtrack I licensed 4 songs to - a movie that didn't get made. Out October 18th, 2022 is "Unfilmed Movie Soundtrack From the 1990's". To read the whole story click here!


Available as of July 1, 2022 is "Piece of my Soul", a true story about one man's reaction to the consequences of a one night stand. All Proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood.


Out June 6th 2022 is "Thousand Year Event", an album of completely improvised piano music, recorded in secret in a live room. The story of that recording can be found here. The single "Jack" can be found below.

Click here for the video for Jack, and here to stream.

Oh hey, this happened:

3rd year in a row we've won this award!


Out May 6th is "Strength" - a straight ahead rock tune owritten for a musical and full of fortune-cookie platitudes. It is the *ahem* tragic tale of a man who wonders why the world isn't nicer to him.



On January 21st we released our album "hug your local shark" featuring the new single "Stick Around" (available January 14th) along with a selection of our 2021 releases! The new single has a fantastic video, which you can see below:


Help is available all over the world. Just ask. Some people never did.

Out on November 5th, 2021, is a reissue of our Single "Kauro-chan", remixed slightly and with a new video. Available at all the usual places. Here is the video, and it ROCKS!!!

So how was your labor day weekend? Ours rocked!

Released September 30, 2021 is "Suki sa", a remake of an old anime theme from the 1980s and produced as if recorded way back in the day, complete with electric drums, analog effects and techniques and in Japanese! Enjoy!

We released 2 EPs in July of 2021! "Demolisten (an EP of musings and potential somethings)" that includes demos, unfinished songs, and a couple of raraties from early in my career. "Covers from the Dilapidated Shed" is a group of covers I recorded and never released. Enjoy!

Available at all of the usual places on June 18th, "Priorities" is a song originally written for Neil Young's "Living in Wartime" project. Mr. Young called my piano that it "sounds like it wants to leap out of the speakers and kill someone." I have no idea if that was a compliment or not. available with the B-side "Armistice Day" from my 2008 album "eleven/eleven".


Released May 28th is a long-awaited re-issue of the song "Tuesday Morning", originally recorded 30 years ago and FINALLY released as a single, after the label I was signed to way back then rejected it. Judge for yourself. Available in all of the usual places, and there's a video too:


The previous big single is "He Takes a Knee", available at all the usual places for purchase or streaming. And here is the video, which has over 20,000 views! Here is also a Spotify playlist of all of our singles, which we update with every new release (scroll down to read details of each single).


On April 30th comes our latest single, "Merchant's Song". It's a basic piece of alt-pop and is our 9th single released in 2021. Available at all of the usual places!


We also released a surprise single (even we didn't know we were going to do it) on April 24 called "The Fauci Ouchie". It's backed with three of our songs from the 1990's and available at all the usual places. Not Safe for Work and the length of a Jingle - it's just a bit of fun and my wife demanded I release it upon the world. Click the picture to stream it on Amazon, but remember it's available in all the usual places as well:


Oh, and did you know I am a trained classical composer? Have a Piano Sonata, performed by a macbook. Available at all of the usual places as of May 14, 2021.

Also out as of April 16, 2021 is "Tea For One", the remake of the beautiful ballad by Kevin Gilbert, a man I used to know briefly a long time ago. You can listen to the single on Spotify here:


Our previous single is "Oh, Michelle" released with the instrumental song "Kakyuusei". Released March 26, 2021 in all of the usual places. There is a cheap-assed music video too! Click on the picture to see it on YouTube!

We will be releasing new singles on April 9th, April 23rd, and then the big one coming on April 30th - which may show up on radio and video even sooner!

"Finger Play", a 3 song EP of ambient music was released on March 19, 2021.

"Fly in Amber" with the B-Side called "Fly". Released on March 5, 2021 and available in all the usual places. This one has a lyric video too!

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 If you followed us on Patreon you got to hear and download both songs the last week of February, as well as the EP of Ambient music we released March 19th!


Released February 12, 2021 the single "That Man" features the creepiest vocals I've ever done and a piano solo that can be best described as BONKERS. Here's the Video:


This is the actual album cover. Available at the usual sources!

The Single, "High Flight" is now available from the usual sources.

And then there's this:

From the album

The Quarantine Project, Vol.1

Featuring our own meager contribution, "Rear Window (I don't wanna sleep here anymore)" !

The new single for our COVID-19 Times, "Rear Window (I don't wanna sleep here anymore)"

This is a one-off project that is part of the charity compilation shown above, with all songs written specifically since this nightmare began. All proceeds from the sales will go to helping to ease the pain of the Pandemic - and this will be the only way the songs can be purchased. Album out in Now! 28 songs by 28 artists, over 2 hours of music in multiple genres, with our coming in a rockin'!


New album title to be announced soon!

The new album by Chris Reed and the Anime Raiders - coming soon-ish!

And are you kidding me? A Pandemic? Do you have any idea how long and hard we've been working on this album? At least this happened:


Be sure to check us out on the RADIO AIRPLAY APP (iPHone and Android), where our songs "Jennifer" and "Dave and Nica" are getting lots of airplay!, as well as "Rear Window" from the new compilation above! (You can listen to "Dave and Nica" as part of One Hit Blunder, the streaming release currently available on Soundcloud, further down this page)



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  3. ?

Chris, May 5th, 2020

This whole section of the website was dedicated to me explaining why the new album has been taking so long. I'm pretty sure no one believes it anymore. I'm just going to say that we ARE working on it, and holy crap I want it done so we can all move forward. Let's just say that in the interim there have been broken bones, surgeries, some terrible personal things we're not going to get into, some wonderful things that we're also not getting into, and some life getting lived. Food was consumed, wine was drunk, fights were fought, and time passed without much notice getting paid to it.

We will get this album done. I've already put down the deposit on the distribution deal.

Also, although we've only ever made one video, we decided to create a youtube channel Most of them are just still pictures with music, like this one here (come back every monday to see a different video, or check out our Soundcloud channel):


Prior News about the album eleven/eleven! (our most recent release)

"Jennifer" was the top 20 on the Independent Music Chart for nearly 3 years, including 23 weeks in the top 5 and one week as the number 1 single in the land, landing back in the top ten in mid-March 2011. The song has legs.

You read that right, "Jennifer" was a number 1 single!!!!!!!

We were nominated by the Independent Music Network for "Favorite Mainstream Group/Duo" for 2009 and again in 2010! We didn't win (we were the runner-up) but that's okay. For those of you who can't catch the radio show with all the nominees, it can be downloaded here. "Jennifer" is played in segment 2 of the December Show (about 1/2 way through) and you can hear a commercial for the album at the end of the segment. We're also in the first segment of the February show.



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That said, if you plan to use my music to make money outside of fair usage (including but not limited to sampling, artistic ventures such as film and television and so on) contact Paul Cynic at the contact/licensing link above.To reach our management for bookings and interviews, use the same link.