Chris Reed and the Anime Raiders


Chris Reed: Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars, bass, percussion, flute, saxophone, production, songwriting

Jim Christopher: Guitars, Vocals

Jason Edwards: Bass, Pedal Bass, Vocals

Lee Emanuel: Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals

Fujii Kyousuke: Drums, percussion, samples



Okay, these are the albums:


The Long Goodbye, first released under the name Jim Christopher in 1990.

  1. Favorite Partner

  2. Razor's Edge

  3. Patience

  4. Lover On A Rainy Day

  5. Negotiation

  6. Steel Blue

  7. Run To Me

  8. Defending Luther

  9. Cross-Examination

  10. Back Pocket





Fiction, first released under the name Jim Christopher in 1997

  1. Darwin's Proof

  2. Piece of My Soul

  3. Tuesday Morning

  4. Screw Dying

  5. Re-creation (written by Kevin Donville)

  6. Man Inside The Shell

  7. Strength

  8. 30

  9. Fiction

  10. Soapbox, Briefly

  11. Same Three Chords

  12. V.I.D.E.O.




The Long Goodbye, the famed double album released in 2004 (and re-released in 2007 as a single disc - the 2-disc version is now out of print) after Chris took his own name back. The single disc version available on iTunes contains the following tracks:

  1. Baby Goes Boom

  2. Little Black Book

  3. Success Story

  4. Kauro-chan

  5. Reunion

  6. Marilyn Monroe and the April Fool

  7. Discount Ties

  8. Sunset Beach

  9. Dance of Death/SOMA

  10. The War Suite

  11. Terror of Love

  12. Night Escape

  13. Runaway/Thought/Ehime Maru no Kangae e



No Hits, released in 2006 and featuring 2 never before released tracks (one of which was re-recorded for eleven/eleven). This album is now out of print altho most tracks are available on other albums. Great cover though, right?

Favorite Partner

  1. Cross-examination

  2. Back Pocket

  3. Run To Me

  4. Piece of My Soul

  5. Tuesday Morning

  6. Screw Dying

  7. Same Three Chords

  8. Soapbox, Briefly

  9. High Flight (previously unreleased)

  10. Kauro-chan

  11. Dance of Death/SOMA

  12. The War Suite

  13. Terror of Love

  14. Dave and Nica (previously unreleased)



eleven/eleven, released on Chris' birthday in 2008!!

Chris Reed & the Anime Raiders - The Long Goodbye

  1. Throwing Three Rocks

  2. Hole in the World

  3. Jennifer

  4. MFBS

  5. Priorities

  6. Third Barstool to the Right

  7. Short Time Love

  8. Dave and Nica

  9. Cartoon

  10. Close Your Eyes

  11. Armistice Day



 A selection of songs from the singles released in 2020 and 2021.

Orchestral Tune-up


He Takes A Knee

Fly In Amber

That Man (Long Version)

High Flight (Live from Edge of the World Studios)

Rear Window (I don't wanna sleep here anymore)

Oh, MIchelle

Priorities (Single Version)

Run To Me (Original Demo)

Stick Around

  An album of completely improvised piano music recorded in secret.

Ducks from Below

Breathing in Second Gear


Ashforth's Nightmare

Fake Book Fell on the Floors

33 Years and a Day and a Summer and a 4th of July



The Same Busy Street 100 Years Ago

It Went off the Rails

The Mud will pull you Under

The Unfriendly Card


 Other Releases:

 "WOKE AF minus F", my first summer single of 2023. This is the "clean" version of the song, without the swears. Giving the State of Florida a kick in the balls. Sing along - you'll know when!

 "Elusive Green", my first single of 2023, my first dance hit, and winner of 3 2023 Radio Music Awards!

 "Piece of my Soul", a song about one man's reaction to the consequences of a one night stand. A true story. All proceeds to Planned Parenthood.

 Available May 31st, Jack is the single from the new album "Thousand Year Event" - and unplanned, guerella recorded, completely improised album recorded unawares in a hall I broke into. ^_^

 Available May 6th, 2022 is the song "Strength". A basic alt-rock song with piano, bass, drums, guitar and vocals. Originally written for a musical and full of fortune-cookie platitudes.

 Available January 14, 2021 is the new song "Stick Around". A song designed to make you uneasy in subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

 Available September 30, this is our cover of Anzen Chitai's anime theme "Suki sa" from 1986. Recorded using 1980's techniques and sounds and in the original Japanese.

 Released July 30, 2021 "Covers from the Dilapidated Shed" represents a number of covers I recorded and eventually held back from my 2004 album "The Long Goodbye". All 4 songs were recorded during my experimental "Garage Pop" phase and are a bit less than perfect, but are an absolute representation of the work I was doing at the time. This release includes covers of songs by The Posies, Andrew Gold, and even the infamous cover of Gilbert O'Sullivan's "Alone Again (Naturally)" that got me in hot water some years ago. Don't worry, Gilbert and I are cool now.

 Available July 11, 2021, "Demolisten (an EP of musings and potential somethings)" is the first of 2 EPs to come out in July of 2021. This one features out-takes, incomplete works, and demos from various places in my career and includes a demo written expressly for a music convention in Europe in 2012 and the original and uncut version of a song recorded in 1989 that had to be edited (under the orders of Bob Dylan's Lawyers) when originally released in 1990, when I was still performing as Jim Christopher. Don't worry, Dylan and I are cool now.

  Released on June 18th, 2021 - Priorities is a song oroginally written for Neil Young's "Living in Wartime" Project.

 Released on March 28, 2021 - putting an old single of mine under the name I've been performing under for the past 20 years. Tuesday Morning - originally released on the Jim Christopher album "Fiction" and now re-released by Chris Reed and the Anime Raiders!

 And did you know that I'm a classically trained composer? Here is a Piano Sonata, released May 14, 2021. It's being played by a macbook.

 Available as of April 30, 2021 in all the usual places, this one was planned for the beginning of April before "He Take a Knee" became a hit.

 The Fauci Ouchie, a dirtly little Jingle we recorded just for fun and released April 24th, backed with three songs from our 1990's catalogue: Man Inside the Shell, Strength, and V.I.D.E.O.

 Tea for One, my remake of the Kevin Gilbert Song, Released April 16, 2021. Also on this release is a brief piece of a song from my first rock band from the 1980's, ASK, that was written by me, Kevin Donville and Ed Lee.

 He Takes A Knee, written with my friend Kevin Donville, available on most platrorms and with one hell of a trippy video available on youtube. Released April 2, 2021.

 Oh, Michelle - my Toto-style tribute song, released March 26, 2021 with the B-side ‰º‹‰¶

  Finger Play - a 3 song EP of Ambient Music, released March 19, 2021. Features the tracks "Finger Play", "Harmonious Waterfalls", and "Finger Play (Weightless Version)"

Fly In Amber Fly In Amber, backed with "Fly", released March 5, 2021

That Man That Man, released February 12, 2021

This single was released in January 2021

 Our Single "Rear Window (I Don't Wanna Sleep Here Anymore)" is part of this collection.

The demo that got Chris his first record deal, which featured the following tracks:

  1. Favorite Partner

  2. Lover on a Rainy Day

  3. Run To Me (original version)


Chris had to edit 16 bars out of Run to Me for the full album release in order to satisfy Bob Dylan's lawyers.


This is the original cover art from the single version of "Favorite Partner", the big single from "My World - Welcome To It". Yeah, we said it was a picture of Jim on the bio page but you should know if you've been there already that Chris and Jim like to fool with people.






This picture is of Chris and his son Michael and was featured on a fan-club only release of the song "Fiction" from the album of the same name. Mike has since become a formidable musician in his own right, and still looks at his dad with the same skepticism.






And here is the artwork for the single release of "Kauro-chan" from "The Long Goodbye".








Missing from here is the "Jack Acid Society", The major label album Chris was working on before he walked away from his deal. Someday perhaps the lawyers will untangle everything and the album will be finished and released. It's been a long time though, so we're not holding our breath.