Chris Reed and the Anime Raiders


Chris Reed: Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars, bass, percussion, flute, saxophone, production, songwriting

Jim Christopher: Guitars, Vocals

Jason Edwards: Bass, Pedal Bass, Vocals

Lee Emanuel: Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals

Fujii Kyousuke: Drums, percussion, samples


Here's some biographical info on the 5 of us.....written by the 5 of us....they shouldn't have let that happen...

Chris Reed:    Birthday, September 23. Graduated UCLA with a degree in music composition and recording engineering. Plays a large number of instruments. Married, 2 young kids. Speaks Japanese as well as English. Was the lead guitarist for the famed Los Angeles band ASK and has had his music played over half the world and in film. First recording session at age 17 at Motown Studios. Founding member of the UCLA Synthesizer Ensemble.

Jim Christopher:     Birthday, August 9. Single. Rude. Obnoxious. Keep your daughters away from him. Also speaks Japanese but only started a few years ago. Has had a novel written about him (which is how he met Chris in a bar in Hermosa Beach).  Two solo albums of kick-ass pop released in the 1990's. Now pass the damned Bushmill's!

Jason Edwards:     Birthday, Sometime in February. Also went to UCLA, but born in Medicine Hat, Canada. Met Chris in 1980. Have mostly been friends since. Played in a few bands over the years, including Blue Shift with Lee. I'm the handsome one, and the youngest member of the band. I also speak Japanese (the wife is from Kobe).

Lee Emanuel:    Birthday, sometime in January. I'm the one who doesn't speak Japanese, although I'm ethnically Asian. Pilipino, actually, although I was born in Oakland. I'm the founder of the band Blue Shift and wish that Chris was a bit more generous with the piano parts.

Fujii Kyousuke:    (translated from Japanese) Brithday, mid-June. Born in Osaka, Japan. Came to Hawaii to study law, then San Francisco a few years ago where I met Chris.

That's all for now. We're going to put up interviews later, as mp3. files.

If you have any questions for the band, write us at  日本語でどうぞ....

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