159 minutes 17 seconds of music over 2 discs and 33 songs

Chris Reed: Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars, bass, percussion, flute, saxophone, production, songwriting

Jim Christopher: Guitars, Vocals

Jason Edwards: Bass, Pedal Bass, Vocals

Lee Emanuel: Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals

Fujii Kyousuke: Drums, percussion, samples

Maybe you'll like our music, and maybe you won't. We won't force you to like it. Well, not yet.

We call what we do "Garage Pop". Inside you will find songs inside about unsuccessful lounge lizards, a blues singer blaming his girlfriend because he's lost the ability to sing the blues, and a song that may get Chris' face slapped if Natalie Merchant ever hears it (depends on her sense of humor).

And there's serious music here as well - war, death, loss, happiness, sex, politics (the usual pop cliches, just done our way) - check out our new album!



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