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THE LONG GOODBYE - web version

We've created a downloadable version of the album so that you can sample the music we do. This version contains 10 songs and runs a bit under an hour. Unlike with the standard release, we have not grouped the songs in any real thematic order - we just picked 10 songs pretty much at random and put them here in a reasonably coherent order. If you want more we suggest you buy the full album by clicking...


or if Java ain't workin' HERE

This is a .zip file (48,723k) and when unzipped represents the following 10 songs:

  1. Baby Goes Boom

  2. Little Black Book

  3. Kauro-chan

  4. Before Tomorrow Comes

  5. Reunion

  6. Sunset Beach

  7. That Man (Web mix)

  8. Discount Ties

  9. Fly In Amber

  10. Haunted

"That Man" is a special case. While all the other songs appear in the same mixes on the album, the web version of "That Man" is a special mix only available on the download version of the album. Each of the 10 songs here are in mp3 format at 128 bits per second. The album versions are of course at a much higher fidelity.


You can download the file as a BitTorrent (THIS IS THE PREFERRED METHOD)Peer to Peer or a straight download! If you know BitTorrent, please use this method and help me save bandwidth, thank you. If you're not familliar with BitTorrent, click here to see how it works.

Right-click HERE to download the torrent (or just click the link), then double-click on the saved file to start the sharing!!!

If no one is seeding the file, e-mail us HERE and we will re-seed and notify you when it's ready.


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