Chris Reed and the Anime Raiders

Previous Accomplishments


Chris: Founding member of ASK, the great unsigned band of Los Angeles. Many of the stories you hear about the 1980s club scene are the work of that band. Founding member of the UCLA Synthesizer Ensemble (with Dave Koz and Joel Harnell). First Album played on 60 radio stations in the U.S. Song “Patience” picked up by National Public Radio in 1991. Song “Lover on a Rainy Day” featured in a French film. Recorded his first album for $700.

Jim: Two albums – “My World – Welcome To It” and “Fiction”. Signed by J-Bird Records in 1989 as a founding artist. Split with label in 2003.

Jason: Founding member of Blue Shift. Worked as an actor until 1990, performing in stock and stage in the Los Angeles area.

Lee: Founding member of Blue Shift.

Kyousuke: 秘密


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