While recording the album, we started discovering webcomics. Comic Strips done by artists who aren't syndicated in the newspapers for whatever reason. Some sell books on their own, some have only cult followings.

Chris contacted each of the creators of the strips below and asked them to contribute artwork for the physical version of the album. They all said yes (except for one - and only because I didn't actually ask). Due to circumstances beyond our control we weren't able to use them all, but they really did say yes. You'll have to buy the album to see what strips and artwork we used...

You can find more comics on Chris' personal page (HERE), but giving credit where credit is most certainly due, these are the ones we call close friends.

Jackie's Fridge, by BJ Hiorns - A great strip about the woman named Jackie, her refrigerator, her neighbors, her friends, and the evil pig. One of the first webcomics I ever got into, and still one of the best.


As if!, by Mimi and Jet Wolf - a look back at the 1980s that works on more levels than I can count. For the record, I would have dated Hunter myself (that's Chris talking).


Flipside, by Brion Foulke - The story smokes, and the way some characters are drawn draw out real emotion. Mr. Foulke has obviously thought the story out well ahead.


Kung Fool! by Hyung Sun Kim. Liberal, wacko, nutcase. Everything I admire in a person. So politically incorrect it hurts. Insights into Asian culture from a Korean perspective that no white boy would think of. Shortly after Chris contacted him, he ended the strip and began two new ones, called Crazy Kimchee and Glendale High Manga Club. Makes me reminisce about my childhood in Lost Angeles...


fallen, by aido - so good it's spooky. A wonderful mythology has been built here.


Tonja Steele, by Joey Hetzel - The strip is quite good, especially if your humor has a slight streak of meanness to it. Makes you want to go bunny stomping.  And the "Xena" parody was brilliant. Besides, what else can you say about a strip where one of the minor featured players is Jesus Christ.... playing pool in a biker bar.

Something Positive, by Randal Milholland. Not for the easily offended, and not for the politically correct. I didn't discover this strip until after the album was completed, but I would have asked. The artwork is funny, the humor is biting, vicious, and often so dead on-target that I will say to myself "why the fuck didn't I think of that first? I'm older and in theory should be wiser than this dude!" There are no safe places in the world of Something Positive - Mr. Milholland has the rare ability to make fun of anything.